Friday, December 28, 2007

Babies on the way

First entry into the Flenner Family blog
Friday, December 28, 2008

Chris and I are happy to announce that we are about 5 months pregnant (a little over 19 weeks). And to make it even more special, we are expecting twins. Chris is the ONLY person, aside from the doctor, who knows the sex of the babies (I want wait until delivery), so he has a big secret to keep.

The babies are due May 22, 2008, but the doctor said they could come as early as the end of April. It seems like there are so many things to do. We've agreed on a couple of baby names - need to come up with 2 boy and 2 girl names; I've started researching daycare and nannies (this has been a shock to our future finances) and I hope to narrow down and interview places next week.

Things are going to be a little more difficult to complete before the babies come because I'm on bedrest (more like house arrest) until delivery. I'm glad I can still work from home and go out once a week to dinner. The dogs also keep me company during the day. Luckily we have great family and friends who have helped us out a lot and who will be helping us out even more as the spring nears.

Unfortunately, we were unable to go home for Thanksgiving. I'm not allowed to travel, we we stayed in Houston. Chris's parents came down the weekend before to celebrate with us. Thanksgiving day we went over to a friends house for dinner. We had a good time with great food and great company.

Two weeks later, I was able to spend the weekend with Mom, Christina and aunt Dolores. They all came down to Houston for our annual shopping and baking weekend. Friday we braved the Houston traffic and did some shopping in the Galleria area. Fortunatley, I was able to go shopping this year, but had to rent a wheelchair. This was an experience. People weren't shy about giving you looks, especially when I would get up out of the wheelchair to walk to the car:) We were also able to make it to a couple of baby stores. Saturday we filled our day with baking cookies. It was a fun weekend, but as usual goes by too fast.

We were unable to go home for Christmas as well. Christmas night we enjoyed the company of the Johnston's and there family. We had a great time and the food was fantastic...even the gravy. Chris's parents and grandma made the long drive down on 12/26 to celebrate a belated Christmas with us. We're having a great time.